XTRA SIZE – Price, Opinions, Composition, where to buy – Pharmacy or Internet?

The Xtra Size dietary supplement is designed to directly influence the cavernous bodies inside your penis and improve their efficiency and absorbency, which in the fects improves the length and thickness of the penis and the intensity of erectile itself! Xtra Size is composed of natural ingredients, so its application does not require a medical prescription. All ingredients used in the preparation are derived from crops managed by producers specialising in the cultivation of herbs and plants for medical and dietary purposes. Thanks to the manufacturer's efforts and continuous monitoring of the production process of the supplement, you can be sure of the highest quality included in each package. Unique formula of creation prevents product counterfeiting, so you can feel completely safe when buying Xtra Size.

The supplement contains such natural ingredients as Tribulus terrestris (Buzdyganek Naziemny), Panax Ginseng (?e?-Szen), pumpkin seeds and sabal palm tree, which has long been used as an aphrodisiac. As we can see, all the ingredients combined thanks to the unique recipe are 100% natural, which gives the product a remarkable performance. Xtra Size is suitable for men of all ages, and you don't need to change your eating habits or lifestyle while using it. Xtra Size is allowed during consumption, e. g. smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, as well as the use of other dietary supplements or supplements.

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In the Internet we can find the opinions of men who are undergoing or have already finished treatment with the preparation. In most cases, they speak only in the superlatives themselves about Xtra Size. It is worth getting acquainted with them because they can play a key role in making decisions about purchasing a product. It is also worth taking a look at the manufacturer's website www.xtrasize.pl to read the opinions posted there. I think they will dispel any doubts.

Here are some of them:

Name: Kamil, age: 21, City: Suwa?ki, Nationality: Polish

I met a girl, but I was afraid to go with her to bed, although I had been on the eye for a long time. Only that she was more experienced than me and I was afraid that she laughs at me. I was ashamed to ask in the pharmacy some ways to enlarge my penis. I found the XtraSize page on the Internet. I bought them because they guaranteed their discretion and really nobody would not know what is in the parcel. But the best thing is that these tablets work! I didn't have much time, because only a month, but my penis grew 3 cm! And I am with this girlfriend to this day. I think it is thanks to XtraSize.

Name: Krzycho, age: 19 years, City: Pozna?, Nationality: Polish

We like to fool ourselves with our buddies. We used to drink a bit and jumped into the water on our golf. I saw that my penis looks poorly compared to their penises. That's why the cane did not run away from them. After returning home I probably read everything about enlargement of the penis in my necrosis. I found such an XtraSize preparation. It supposedly also works like an aphrodisiac, so there was nothing to think about. I bought two packages right away, because it was more profitable. And now it's the cane that's queuing up! I haven't finished taking them yet, and my penis has grown by 4.5 cm.

The price of one package of Xtra Size product is the cost of 179 PLN. At this price, as the manufacturer announces, we get the product for 2 months of treatment, which can result in an additional 3 cm in length of the member. These 2 months will be enough to enjoy increased erection and longer penis. We are also able to return the product for 90 days, and the effects of the treatment are visible after 2 days of use. Free shipping is now available free of charge, so we will only pay for the product - not including the transport price. In a simple calculation, Xtra Size treatment for 2 months costs only PLN 2.98 a day! Admit that this is an attractive price, taking into account the effects that can be achieved thanks to this supplement.

Once we have decided to buy Xtra Size, we need to consider where to buy it - in a pharmacy or online?

The manufacturer did not foresee the presence of a supplement in pharmacies or stationary shops, therefore its purchase is possible only from the manufacturer. We have no possibility to order a product, e. g. by allegro. Often also, products that appear on the internet on other websites than the manufacturer's, are usually counterfeit products or appear at a much higher price, giving nothing in return. To be 100% sure of achieving the effects we have dreamt of and to feel safe during the treatment we recommend placing an order on the official product page.

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If you have already tried out the Xtra Size product, you are familiar with its effects - share your opinion with us through a comment, or write to us in the contact form in the Contacts tab.


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